The gal behind the camera

you can call me cassidy jo :)

I am a midwest & travel photographer inspired by nature and life's simplicity. I view my work as an art and an opportunity to capture moments that often go unappreciated. I describe my work as intentional, emotional, and storytelling. I strive to make every sessions a laid-back and fun experience. So be prepared for lot's of corny jokes & giggles.

When I'm not taking on the role of "photographer," you can find me with a coffee in hand, snuggling with my 2 dogs, or exploring God's glory out in nature.

You did stunning work! Absolutely jaw dropping. There are some people that take up photography because they see it as a side gig because it's a way for them to pay the bills. But then there are people like you who have a true gift and talent for what you do. You saw my vision and made it a reality while adding your own special touches and twists.

G + B